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Moons and emotion and writing, oh my 
28th-Nov-2011 02:55 am
Little Miss Muffett
First day of the new moon was tonight. Last night I reflected on Hekate, trying to get back into a ritual routine as life and my damned emotions really pulled me out of regular practice. I carry my prayer beads with me, made and devoted to Hekate. I think the focus will help me keep on track with things.

Speaking of, Nano is nearly over and I do think I will win. About 4000 words left and three days and I should be good. Then comes editing and already have ideas for the second novel, even a plot on the third. All keeping up with this teen hunter and her mother. The next should really follow about her father who died hunting. Need to work on putting up the bedtime stories for the criminally insane up on Amazon as well. I think it might be nice to get them out and sold at like a buck a pop. Cute, fun stories of drugs, insanity and murder.

So much mixed emotions lately, especially at some whom I can't face. Most of all tired of the way some are hurting those that I care for, those friends I hold dearest. Instead I will take deep breaths and stand by and be supportive. It is the best I can do for those around me. Tonight though I feel better, more settled. Happy with what I have and knowing I am cared for, respected.

Should look into a flu shot with the family. Ugh. Hate it. Need to get on to things about my health though. Will work on the physical because I still have a supreme lack of trust for those in the healthcare facility.

Yes, rambling and sharing. I think blogging more, just even basic diary writing like this, could be helpful. Here. Tumblr - under the same name. Twitter is fading. Just not enough room for so many things. Moving on, moving up, taking charge. Not always easy but worth it in the end.
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