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The semi-open blog of a decadent lunatic

The thoughts and troubles of Ms Lunacy Decadence

Ms Lunacy Decadence
27 December
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Greetings and Welcome. Within these electronic pages you will find the bare bones of a Lady know by many names though you may well call me Miss Lunacy Decadence.

I am a practicing witch, a mother, priestess to Hecate on an eclectic grey path of witchcraft, student of all knowledge, actress on the stage of the world, devotee of the decadent countercultures, and a true romantic that believes in the power of love to heal all pains of the past if one only gives it enough time. I am currently undergoing such healing with a delightful and wonderful love that has made me realise than the heart can not only heal but grow.

I blog. I rant. I craft. I am a student of the craft. Within these pages you will read about many things. My beliefs, my family, my troublesome and amazing daughter, Persephone, as well as my dearest friends and worst enemies. I write about fandom, and post fanfic as well. There will also be talk of religion, sexuality, and parenting - My style on all of them is what many would consider non-conventional. Also, in case you missed the warning, I tend to rant. Logical and respectful debate is welcome; flaming and rudeness are not.

In the end this is my space and within you will find my words and thoughts. This journal is for adults, by an adult and may contain adult situations. Please be of age if you’re here. All posts are locked friends only. Currently there is no other filter except to lock out Persephone. Remember that we’re all meant to be mature here even if our maturity levels are lacking. Even my own.

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