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The semi-open blog of a decadent lunatic
The thoughts and troubles of Ms Lunacy Decadence
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4th-Dec-2011 02:35 am - Crafting because I felt inspired
Peacoats and spins
So I made a Hekate goddess out of fimo and got around to finishing her tonight. Metallic black paint, crystals for a night sky, and a key that I adore.

3rd-Dec-2011 06:51 pm - Trivia. Triple. Tri.
Peacoats and spins
In many depictions, both from the Olympian times through today, Hekate is shown with three faces, the lady of the crossroads, seeing in all directions. Many also take this to mean a triple goddess form. Others see her as a crone, wise enough to see all but often she is either relegated to the role of MMC or of Crone alone.

For myself she represents so much more than this. Universal soul comes to mind, something she has also been alluded to though not in as many common “documents”. Often there is one ideal that comes forward to be accepted, such as the relation of the three faces to MMC rather than the allusion that I think should be more common.

Sky. Earth. Underworld.

Hekate was a pre-Olympian goddess. Pre-Olympic Hekate held a great deal of power on levels of the world, and even in the stories after Zeus’ ascended to Olympus, she held the a great deal of power, including dominion over all three accepted levels of the world at the time. The skies above, the land stood upon, and the underworld waiting. Being able to see in three directions, of three faces, was not the fertility-centric ideal of many modern pagan practices but rather noting her powers in all three worlds.

This is how I see Hekate. As a universal soul, as a goddess with power in all worlds at all times; not merely facing in all directions along the roads of the Earth, along one plane.
The other day I was asked about following Hekate and my deities. It was someone I wasn’t entirely certain with and so I gave my basic roots with Hekate and how I started answering to her. Their parting comment was: Well, I suppose it makes sense to follow a goddess who is triple by herself than having two other goddesses.

I admit, I was a bit confused, and sadly didn’t take up my soapbox at the time but it really had me thinking.

I don’t worship Hekate as the Triple Goddess in the form of maiden, mother and crone. While I acknowledge her three faces - and will get into my reasons for that on another post today - I don’t acknowledge in my own practices the paradigm of maiden, mother and crone at all. It is a limiting ideal to my beliefs that is centered around fertility rites and binary beliefs of living and not something that truly fits in with my life.

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1st-Dec-2011 01:46 pm - HOLIDAY CARDS
Writing// HG Wells
Just dug out my FIVE boxes of cards. If you want one, please to be sending me your address in dm or here. All screened. If you need mine, poke me and let me know. :D
30th-Nov-2011 04:25 pm - Goddess musings

This is what is known as a Hekate's Wheel. I've seen a lot of arguments about the actual historical significance of the wheel, and many sites relate it to her triple goddess form that is more recent than how I tend to worship Hekate, but I find myself drawn to this symbol. Not only due to the imagery of the labyrinth and walking a path that might not always be clear but can bring you to center, but also that the three "points" can also represent Hekate's power over the sky, earth and underworld as well.

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30th-Nov-2011 03:02 am - And this is my celebratory post
Bodies counts and word counts
I won nano! 50000 and change in 29 days. Total novel is like 70000 and have just the prologue to finish. What was meant to just be this month is turning into at least three books following the exploits of a teenage monster hunter.
28th-Nov-2011 02:55 am - Moons and emotion and writing, oh my
Little Miss Muffett
First day of the new moon was tonight. Last night I reflected on Hekate, trying to get back into a ritual routine as life and my damned emotions really pulled me out of regular practice. I carry my prayer beads with me, made and devoted to Hekate. I think the focus will help me keep on track with things.

Speaking of, Nano is nearly over and I do think I will win. About 4000 words left and three days and I should be good. Then comes editing and already have ideas for the second novel, even a plot on the third. All keeping up with this teen hunter and her mother. The next should really follow about her father who died hunting. Need to work on putting up the bedtime stories for the criminally insane up on Amazon as well. I think it might be nice to get them out and sold at like a buck a pop. Cute, fun stories of drugs, insanity and murder.

So much mixed emotions lately, especially at some whom I can't face. Most of all tired of the way some are hurting those that I care for, those friends I hold dearest. Instead I will take deep breaths and stand by and be supportive. It is the best I can do for those around me. Tonight though I feel better, more settled. Happy with what I have and knowing I am cared for, respected.

Should look into a flu shot with the family. Ugh. Hate it. Need to get on to things about my health though. Will work on the physical because I still have a supreme lack of trust for those in the healthcare facility.

Yes, rambling and sharing. I think blogging more, just even basic diary writing like this, could be helpful. Here. Tumblr - under the same name. Twitter is fading. Just not enough room for so many things. Moving on, moving up, taking charge. Not always easy but worth it in the end.
31st-Aug-2011 12:07 am - I cherished every turn of your voice
I feel accomplished I've still been writing every day but I feel I'm letting myself down by not crafting more. I need to organize things I can do in bits of time to make a whole. Like the absinthe hates I want to work on, or the tile I should do right now.

Maybe there will be pictures later on tonight or tomorrow then. Speaking of, I need to pull the NKOTBSB pics and the fair ones off my phone. Looking like a picnic on Monday with the kids and costumes so might do a zoo photo shoot.
Find myself with whirling thoughts of late, and a hard time putting them to paper - in the most figurative sense as I record most thoughts on computer as so many in this day and age. Luckily that hasn't extended to writing, and most days that I work I've been getting on average at least 800 words down, usually closer to a 1000 per day though so I feel good about that.

Spiritually, I'm not where I'd like to be. I've been lax and working on getting myself back on path to where I wish to be. Emotionally, I'm doing better in many ways - or so someone assures me - but most days I feel I'm failing. My empathy wans so bad that it becomes hard to believe in most but a very choice few. Physically though, there I think I am doing better. I've been working out more, eating better, and I am seeing and feeling the results.

Tumblr has been sucking up my soul, I admit that, but will try and use this more often for my rants, my progress, and even for random moments of insanity.

Blah. Realize I lost the codes for the mood themes I have on the other journal so will have to go about coding them one night again and uploading them because those, those I want back. Must as Jemi if she still has them but likely just have to suck it up and code them since they're uploaded.
10th-Aug-2011 11:34 pm - Do not adjust your sets
Peacoats and spins
This is nota_faerietale. I wanted the name and wouldn't pay for it :D
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