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The semi-open blog of a decadent lunatic
The thoughts and troubles of Ms Lunacy Decadence
December 2nd, 2011 
The other day I was asked about following Hekate and my deities. It was someone I wasn’t entirely certain with and so I gave my basic roots with Hekate and how I started answering to her. Their parting comment was: Well, I suppose it makes sense to follow a goddess who is triple by herself than having two other goddesses.

I admit, I was a bit confused, and sadly didn’t take up my soapbox at the time but it really had me thinking.

I don’t worship Hekate as the Triple Goddess in the form of maiden, mother and crone. While I acknowledge her three faces - and will get into my reasons for that on another post today - I don’t acknowledge in my own practices the paradigm of maiden, mother and crone at all. It is a limiting ideal to my beliefs that is centered around fertility rites and binary beliefs of living and not something that truly fits in with my life.

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