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The semi-open blog of a decadent lunatic
The thoughts and troubles of Ms Lunacy Decadence
December 3rd, 2011 
Peacoats and spins
In many depictions, both from the Olympian times through today, Hekate is shown with three faces, the lady of the crossroads, seeing in all directions. Many also take this to mean a triple goddess form. Others see her as a crone, wise enough to see all but often she is either relegated to the role of MMC or of Crone alone.

For myself she represents so much more than this. Universal soul comes to mind, something she has also been alluded to though not in as many common “documents”. Often there is one ideal that comes forward to be accepted, such as the relation of the three faces to MMC rather than the allusion that I think should be more common.

Sky. Earth. Underworld.

Hekate was a pre-Olympian goddess. Pre-Olympic Hekate held a great deal of power on levels of the world, and even in the stories after Zeus’ ascended to Olympus, she held the a great deal of power, including dominion over all three accepted levels of the world at the time. The skies above, the land stood upon, and the underworld waiting. Being able to see in three directions, of three faces, was not the fertility-centric ideal of many modern pagan practices but rather noting her powers in all three worlds.

This is how I see Hekate. As a universal soul, as a goddess with power in all worlds at all times; not merely facing in all directions along the roads of the Earth, along one plane.
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